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              UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE FAISALABADSub Campus Burewala Vehari

              UAF Main Campus

              Burewala Campus

              Vehari Campus

              World Food Day

              Defence Day 2018

              Tree for Pakistan

              14 Auguest Celebration

              Kisaan Convention 2017

              National Tree Day

              15 Year HEC Excellence

              Army Visit

              HEC Team Visit

              Capacity Building Training Phase1

              Capacity Building Training Phase2

              Rangoli Competition


              Agriculture is a vital sector of Pakistan’s economy and about two-third population...


              I am strongly committed for achieving excellence in promoting ....

              Undergraduate Merit List

              For Merit list of new admissions 2018-19

              Postgraduate Merit List

              For Merit list of new admissions 2018-19

              upcoming events


              classes start of Undergraduate Degree of new admissions


              • 28-07-2016

                Bait Bazi Competition

                The Students of UAF, Sub Campus Burewala-Vehari Has Been Got First Position In Bait Bazi Competition of Geo Program (Dr.Amir Liaqat Program) in Ramdan Transmission.

              • 13-11-2015

                1st Inter-Varsity District Sports Competition

                UAF, Sub Campus Burewala-Vehari Got First Position In 1st Inter-Varsity District Sports Competition


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